Maestro Zen is a portfolio designed to produce a smooth path of returns. This specialist CTA program focuses on volatility and aims to extract value in all market environments. We achieve this by combining strategies with mirror performance cycles.

On the one hand, Maestro aims to exploit the opportunities created by the extended trading session for futures contracts, when the futures contract trades without the informational support of the underlying market. At such times, the futures may then get carried away by external factors and experience a price deviation that may not be in line with the valuation of the underlying market in absence of significant news. The most suitable environment for this short-term mean-reverting strategy is with upside volatility momentum. A common mistake has been to design long options strategies for such environments. However much intuitive, this approach is inefficient as it must be continuously invested, even during stable times when carry costs hurt performance

On the other hand, Zen captures the spread between implicit and realized volatilities. Zentak uses option spread strategies with a systematic approach by exploiting structural market characteristics and a stability signal for timing. A long protection feature makes Zentak resilient in transition periods with no or limited drawdowns.

All instruments are exchange-traded listed derivatives. We focus on major equity indices, so mitigating liquidity and counterparty risks.

Strategy Category

  • Specialist CTA, Systematic

Strategy Objective

  • Absolute return generation, focus on smooth path of returns

Strategy Asset Classes

  • Only exchange-traded, highly liquid futures and options traded on major equity indices

Platform Facts

  • Strategy Manager: Old Park Capital, London, United Kingdom
  • Established: May 2009
  • Total Team Size: 18
  • Fund management team longevity: 8 years, since May 2005
  • Team average experience per person: 15 years
  • Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom
  • Ownership: Held entirely by senior management
  • Legal Advisor: Pinsent Masons, United Kingdom
  • Auditor: Moore Stephens, United Kingdom

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