ALTO - Managed Equities

Old Park Capitalís discretionary equity offering begins with an objective evaluation of a clientís specific circumstances so that we can determine and agree a suitable long term strategy for the investment portfolio.

Our service provides the day-to-day management of an account with suitable investment decisions based on pre-agreed objectives.
The portfolio managers intend to invest primarily in companies listed in the UK with the balance invested internationally.
We aim to target gains from market weakness or seek to enhance returns through short term tactical opportunities.
Our internal performance monitoring and risk control processes ensure the highest quality of service and fulfilment of your investment objectives.

Cash Equities
Old Park Capital managed equity account allows clients to benefit from our in-house fundamental and technical analysis to produce return on investment over a pre-agreed time frame. Our analytical team concentrates on UK listed stocks choosing positions based on our clients pre-agreed investment criteria.

Our managed CFD account allows clients to benefit from short term market trends in UK listed equities and major world Indices. CFDs are a leveraged product and can be used to speculate on rising and falling markets and will not be suitable for every client.

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